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2018 Liberations


After listening to Episode 2 of No, You Go podcast, they mentioned a post from Cate Hudson on New Year’s Liberations instead of New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions can sometimes remind you of the things you haven’t accomplished yet or make you feel inadequate. With a New Year’s Liberation, you can free yourself from something that may have been weighing you down.

I felt like I should state what mine is. I love goals and love achieving them. But I do feel like certain things are expected of me that I can’t always fulfill. I’m known as the fairly happy-go-lucky type at my work. I’m usually the enthusiastic one that tends to be friendly to any person that comes along.

Though in 2017, my world went on a rollercoaster ride with various things in my work and personal life. On social media/on screen, I tend to be “living the good life”. However, it’s not always rainbows behind the curtain. I don’t talk about the low times a lot just because I don’t want to burden people with my problems. But then I realize that people who care about me know it’s not realistic to think I’m great all the time. So my liberation for 2018 is not lying about being ok. I may not necessarily be honest to everyone that asks but for the people that do matter to me, I’ll give them the courtesy of being honest. I’m finding out more that people are willing to help me during those rough times than I thought. Since I’m working from home, I’m more aware of the importance of my mental health.

photo credit: Alice Popkorn