Hi! I’m Candi! By day, I work at Boats Group as a front end developer with my main focus on A/B Testing and user research for our portals. By night, I support the readers of A Book Apart, a small publishing company focused on creating books on the latest web topics, as well as manage some of the inner workings of the team.

My passion for the web started when I was browsing the internet through AOL as a high school senior. I dabbled with the AOL Instant Messenger code and progressed into creating my own website on Angelfire. In college, I quickly changed my major from Business Management to Computer Information Systems. Classes on SQL and debugging seemed to come natural to me. I worked for private companies and advertising agencies on websites for restaurants, hotels, apartment communities, property management software, tourism, and a jewelry store. The most memorable project was working on Made By Hand, my first responsive design project with the talented Mandy Brown.

Mixed in with my web career, I’ve had interesting positions outside of coding. I was the podcast producer for 5by5 for about a year. I’ve met some very interesting folks while preparing guests for various shows like the Big Web Show, Latest in Paleo and The Pipeline.

I created this blog to document my professional journey, wherever that may lead. My current obsession: UX and product design. I also want to share experiences that may not be related to my obsession, but things I care deeply about like effective team communication/collaboration, remote work, and continuous improvement.